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House Oversight chairman calls White House aide's promotion of Ivanka Trump brand 'clearly over the line, unacceptable'

Feb 9, 2017

House Oversight chairman calls White House aide's promotion of Ivanka Trump brand 'clearly over the line, unacceptable'

Really? Shuttering online brothel could hurt law enforcement

Feb 8, 2017

Law enforcement experts and sex worker advocates say shutting down what prosecutors call an online brothel could have unintended consequences

Documents show Melania Trump still involved in branding

Feb 8, 2017

First lady Melania Trump expected to develop "multi-million dollar business relationships" tied to her turn in the White House, according to a lawsuit she filed

Gas pump advertising campaign targets Indiana fuel tax hike

Feb 6, 2017

Ads opposing a Republican plan to use higher fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure repairs will soon adorn gas pumps across Indiana

Super Bowl advertisers tread carefully in divisive climate

Feb 4, 2017

Super Bowl advertisers are treading carefully this year to avoid alienating customers as a divisive political climate takes some of the buzz away from what is usually the biggest spectacle on TV

It's been 10 years since marketing campaign sparked panic

Jan 31, 2017

It's been 10 years since highways, bridges and transit stations around Boston were closed by a terror scare that turned out to be nothing more than a guerrilla marketing campaign

Intentionally or not, big brands help fund fake news

Jan 28, 2017

It may not be intentional, but major corporations are helping prop up sites that publish false news stories

To stand out at Super Bowl 51, ads are going for stunts

Jan 27, 2017

Advertisers from first timer 84 Lumber to veteran Hyundai are ramping up the marketing stunts in hopes of standing out from the crowd during the Super Bowl

Yahoo to change name, trim board if Verizon deal gets done

Jan 10, 2017

Yahoo will adopt a new corporate identity and slash the size of its board if the proposed $4.8 billion sale of its digital services to Verizon Communications goes through

Dungeness crabbers on strike from California to Canada

Dec 31, 2016

Some consumers may have to settle for not-as-fresh Dungeness crab as fishermen from Northern California to the Canadian border strike after wholesale buyers sought to lower the purchase price

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