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Vulnerable to attack: Businesses should boost cyber defenses

Mar 13, 2019

A cyberattack that leads to down time and lost data can be costly for small companies

New Mexico bill would create first state-run pot shops in US

Mar 13, 2019

New Mexico would become the first U.S. state with its own government-operated marijuana stores under a bill brokered between Democratic and Republican legislators.

California agencies at odds over Colorado River drought plan

Mar 12, 2019

A major Southern California water agency is trying to push the state through a final hurdle in joining a larger plan to preserve a key river that serves 40 million people

California man learns he's dying from doctor on robot video

Mar 9, 2019

A California family is devastated that their 78-year-old relative was told that he didn't have long to live by a doctor appearing on a robot's video screen

Technology brings rugged Iditarod race to global audience

Mar 9, 2019

People behind computers are monitoring teams far away in Alaska's wilderness during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Bankrupt California utility wants to give $235M in bonuses

Mar 7, 2019

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. is seeking a judge's approval to pay $235 million in bonuses to thousands of employees despite the California utility's bankruptcy

US judge eases wildfire safety plan for California utility

Mar 7, 2019

A U.S. judge in San Francisco overseeing a criminal case against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is scaling back his proposals to prevent the utility's equipment from causing more wildfires

Nevada cites US warnings in bid to block plutonium shipments

Mar 6, 2019

Nevada's latest bid to block incoming shipments of weapons-grade plutonium points to the U.S. Energy Department's own scientific warnings about the dangers of prematurely moving the highly radioactive material out of South Carolina

Internet, intuition can help businesses spot next big thing

Mar 6, 2019

It's critical for retailers and manufacturers to get a sense of what the next big seller will be, whether it's the hot toy during the holiday season, a fashion silhouette or smartphone

Sri Lanka government boosts budget ahead of elections

Mar 5, 2019

Sri Lanka's government has proposed an increase in spending on public servants and incentives to boost agriculture and fisheries in the new national budget, which opposition lawmakers criticize as an attempt to attract voters ahead of elections this year


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