Becoming a Speaker Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Craig Campbell has built up his brand through speaking engagements but now he reveals that there is a big downside to building a personal brand and it isn’t always the right thing to do.

June 12, 2019 / / —

Building a personal brand is almost expected in most industries now. There are lots of ways to build a personal brand including social media, corporate networking events and speaking at conferences and other events. However, while the benefits of personal branding are often highlighted, the potential disadvantages are rarely spoken about.

Craig Campbell has spent the last few years building up his own personal brand by speaking at digital marketing conferences. Speaking engagements have had a remarkable impact on Craig’s business and, as he says, “99.5% of the time, it’s all positive.” Conferences offer up lots of business opportunities, chances to create new contacts and build a bigger social following. Furthermore, exposure within the industry builds brand recognisability, even if that brand is a person.

However, in building his personal brand, Craig has also become a target for abuse. While the cases may be outweighed by the positive impact of his brand building activities, the extremity of the threats levelled against him has persuaded him to caution others against going down the same route.

“In recent years, I’ve become a target to trolls as many other speakers have too,” Craig said. “People have emailed me to say that if I speak again, I will get my throat cut and so will my family. But the threats aren’t just online. People have come up to me throwing punches at myself and my pregnant wife.”

Though Craig has benefitted from building his personal brand, he believes that it is important to highlight the risks involved as many people go into brand building blind. He believes that people should know that they may be targeted online before they decide to promote themselves as a brand so that should any negative activity take place, they can be prepared. Equally, an understanding of the risks involved may give people the knowledge they need to decide that building a personal brand is not the best route for them.

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