Full Male Body Wax Tips: How to Remove Unwanted Hair with an Organic Body Sugar Kit

Male body hair removal just became easier than ever with MOOM’s at-home organic sugaring kits, which feature natural ingredients for overall skin health. Whether targeting the underarms, chest hair or thick brows, men can indulge in a low-pain method of waxing away unwanted hair.

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August 1, 2020 —

Hair removal is one of those pesky practices many women are all too familiar with, whether targeting the delicate upper lip, the sensitive bikini line, or the tender underarms. But when it comes to male body hair removal, there is an entirely different set of factors to consider. Many men don’t book professional waxing sessions out of concerns for their privacy. Plus, many waxing salons are geared towards the feminine experience, leaving men in need of hair removal feeling out of place and awkward. Even though there are many reasons for men to consider hair removal, ranging from athletic to aesthetic, it can be tough to meet the specifics of male bodies and comfort levels.

That’s why it’s so relieving to see a surge of at-home hair removal kits for men. Not only do these products offer the ease of usage and clean-up that every busy man needs, but they allow for privacy while delivering outstanding results. And as a bonus, one of the easiest, most sustainable and most effective practices of hair removal at home happens to be organic and chemical-free. MOOM’s line of male hair removal products merges the pampering qualities of natural ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile with the effectiveness of an ancient hair removal practice.

Check out MOOM’s line of male products at the link below and say goodbye to unwanted hair — no more hesitant visits to the wax salon necessary: https://www.amazon.com/body-sugaring-for-men/dp/B0876G4CDG

What Are the Benefits of Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is an effective hair removal technique that dates back to 1900 BC. Sugar is cooked with water and lemon until the mixture undergoes a chemical reaction that transforms it into a sticky gel with a higher crystallization temperature than sugar alone. This means the mixture can be spread onto skin, much like modern-day waxes — of course, without any petroleum additives or fats. Once the gel dries, it can be removed from the skin entirely, taking with it not just the hair follicles, but also dead skin cells and any residue on the surface.

Because sugaring doesn’t adhere to live skin cells the way waxing does, there is less risk of irritation, rashes or pain after hair removal. This method also removes oils and debris that can cause ingrown hair down the line, meaning the desired result — smoother hair-free skin — lasts even longer. And, because the roots of the hair follicles receive less blood supply, the hair will grow back thinner and finer with continued use. These results are just as effective for the swimmer or cyclist who needs his legs to be aerodynamically smooth for weeks at a time as it is for the casual dating man who wants to tidy up his chest hair.

The best part of using MOOM’s line of male hair removal products is that body sugaring at home allows men to take control of their body hair in an easy, skin-healthy way. Men can lay claim to their bodily autonomy while discarding all their unwanted hair.

Does Sugaring Deliver Long-Lasting Results on Coarse Hair?

Many men resort to shaving as a means of dealing with fast-growing, coarse hair. But there are side-effects to this method of hair removal: uncomfortable stubble, ingrown hairs and the need to do it all again in a day. Because body sugaring pulls the hair shafts out at the follicle, the affected areas remain hair-free, smooth and silky for weeks rather than days.

That said, there are some items to note when aiming to remove coarse or long hair. It’s best to wait at least two weeks after shaving to allow the coarse stubble to grow; as it lengthens, it becomes less resilient and will adhere to the sugar glaze better. This just means men can ditch their razor for a couple of weeks, saving time and effort in the name of easier hair removal. Conversely, very long hair, such as on the legs and chest, should be trimmed back to one centimeter, so in this case, it’s a good idea to pull out the scissors or electric trimmer and get a head start on hair removal.

The results of body sugaring will still last far longer than shaving, which should come as a relief for men who dread the daily shave. Just think of all that extra time that can be better spent doing more important, more interesting and more exciting things.

How to Perform Full-Body Male Hair Removal

Whether targeting the chest, eyebrows, underarm or leg, sugaring requires less preparation and fewer aftercare efforts than professional waxing does. There is, however, still a necessary procedure to follow to ensure the safest, most comfortable hair removal. Here are some of MOOM’s guiding principles for the best sugaring practice.

Abandon the razor but trim if necessary. As mentioned above, the targeted hair needs to be a certain length and thickness for longest-lasting results.
Savor a simple pre-treatment. Because MOOM’s sugaring products are enhanced with dermal-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, avocado oil and lavender, all you need to do is wash and dry your skin before use. It’s also best not to go overboard and apply the gel right after a shower or bath, as the skin will be too sensitive.
Make time for the warm-up. The MOOM sugaring glaze needs only gentle warming to make it spreadable; it should have a honey-like consistency at the optimal temperature. Ensure it isn’t too hot, or there is a risk of harming the skin.
Sugar on, sugar off. Spread the sugar glaze in a paper-thin layer on the affected areas in the direction of hair growth, then pull away the dried gel in the opposite direction in one swift motion. -Be brave — while pulling hair from its root will never be completely pain-free, the sugar glaze won’t adhere to live skin cells, rendering it less painful than waxing.
Wash up and relax. Sugar is water-soluble, which means the clean-up is no more complicated than washing the affected areas with water.

By following these steps, every man who uses MOOM sugar products will achieve hairlessness without the mess and distress of waxing.

Is Body Sugaring Good for the Skin?

Many men are concerned about the health of their skin. Everyone wishes for radiant, smooth skin, and this is where MOOM sugar glazes excel. The products were designed with dermal health in the forefront — hair removal is just the bonus side effect.

While shaving can cause irritation and ingrown hairs, and waxing strips away living skin cells, sugaring restores the skin with all-natural oils and plants that promote healthier skin. MOOM touts ingredients like avocado oil, lemon and cucumber and has received the USDA organic certification. Plus, sugaring exfoliates away dead skin cells and pore-clogging residues. This devotion to skin health ensures that men who indulge in body sugaring at home will feel nothing short of confident about their revitalized, nurtured skin.

The Best Way to Remove Male Body Hair at Home

Of all the options for removing unwanted hair, few fulfill all the requirements of price, ease, privacy and effectiveness. Men have long been told not to pamper themselves with salon visits or excessive grooming, yet have remained subject to bodily scrutiny and impossibly high physical standards. Men must always be running faster, looking better and achieving more each day; it’s no wonder in moments of self-reflection men seek to retreat from the glaring lights of the waxing studio. This is why MOOM exists: to meet hair removal needs in a healthy, results-based way while nourishing the skin that makes a man who he is.

For every area that needs a little less hair and a little more dermal care, body sugaring is the answer. Learn more about MOOM’s backstory and its commitment to total skin health at

The post Full Male Body Wax Tips: How to Remove Unwanted Hair with an Organic Body Sugar Kit appeared first on prReach Blog.

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