Meteorite “tiger claw”

Meteorites, also called meteorites, are pieces of unburned rock, iron, or a mix of iron and stone that fly off the surface of the earth or other planets as cosmic meteors or dust fragments from an orbiting place outside the earth.


Because meteorites are from outer space, meteorites to determine the true and false is the need for instrument identification, the naked eye only auxiliary role. Most meteorites come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and a few from the moon and Mars. Meteorites can be roughly divided into stone meteorites, iron meteorites, stone iron meteorites mixed.




Meteorites containing only large amounts of stone are called meteorites, and meteorites with large amounts of iron are called meteorites. According to the meteorite itself contains such a question of course is the largest nickel iron meteorite energy, the strongest effect of exorcism, the energy is very strong, is not a move earth material can than the nickel iron meteorite generally do not need to purify, do not need to use crystal demagnetization, because of his energy is very strong, crystal will be anti-demagnetization. Of course, maintenance is very important, the demand is regularly besmear a little olive oil, daily as far as possible avoid water, lest rust Meteorites are generally denser. According to the different composition can be divided into three kinds: iron meteorites, stone meteorites and stone iron meteorites. There are many kinds of stones on earth. Iron in meteorites is found in the form of elemental iron, which is absent from rocks on earth. Meteorites are generally harmless. But it may contain harmful radioactive elements.




The formation of a strange and wonderful stone has experienced landslides, wind blowing, sun, rain, river, sea water scour, sand and gravel collision grinding, sand sharpening, lightning strike and a series of long physical, chemical, biological changes. In this process, a sharp stone, or become sharp, or smooth and round, people see love, valuable!





The formation of strange stone has both inevitability and contingency. In fact, the earth on which mankind depends is made up of all kinds of stones. Since the formation of the earth, it has experienced countless orogeny, volcanic eruptions, various earthquakes, glacial movements and alien collisions, and so on. These earth movements have distorted and broken the original bedrock and formed rocks of different shapes, large and small. These broken rocks, after a long period of geological action, have formed a variety of strange, various physical, chemical and biochemical changes. There is no exactly the same stone in the world, just as there is no complete phase in the world Like the same people, a variety of changes. Among them, the extremely rare stone has the condition of giving people aesthetic feeling and has certain aesthetic value. When it is discovered by people, it is endowed with certain cultural connotation and becomes a strange stone for people to see people's love. Strange stone is characterized by strange shape, give people visual impact and beautiful artistic enjoyment. Its material, shape, color, pattern and so on unusual, can satisfy the people to hunt strange and the esthetic custom, has the very high ornamental value and the collection value


The tiger's character is fierce, powerful, ferocious and even daunting, afraid to get close, just like in front of the emperor or authority. In people's mind, the tiger is the symbol of majesty and power, the speech and behavior of an inviolable king's magnanimity, can not be offended or provoked, so there is such a saying in the folk proverb :" the tiger's buttocks can not touch ". Chinese people like tigers since ancient times, tigers are strong, powerful symbol, but also on behalf of auspicious and peaceful Rui beast; at the same time, tiger is the king of beasts, on behalf of majesty, power, glory.




Interested parties are welcome to consult the bid, this collection represents dignity, rights, glory. At the same time presents the tiger as a symbol of majesty, power, glory. It is a collection choice for many powerful collectors.

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