Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears Brand Releases Maintenance Tips for Gardeners

Green Heart Lifestyle, the Niagara Falls, NY based titanium bypass pruning shears, has released new information regarding maintenance for gardeners as a part of their 2019 gardenings and garden tools promotion campaign.

March 14, 2019 —

Niagara Falls, NY: Green Heart Lifestyle, the Niagara Falls, NY based titanium bypass pruning shears, has released new information regarding maintenance for gardeners as a part of their 2019 gardenings and garden tools promotion campaign.

Gardeners often invest their time in pruning to make sure their trees and plants grow according to a certain size and shape. But pruning one’s plants regularly, which is known as maintenance pruning, can help with more than just directing the plant’s structure.

Aad Hermann, President of Green Heart says, “Regular pruning can improve every aspect of a plant – right from its structure to its yield and even its health. Green Heart specializes in building pruning shears but there also exists tree clippers that help in maintaining the growth of trees in a similar fashion as well.”

Woody plants benefit from maintenance pruning which keeps them healthy and productive. The plants are susceptible to disease and infection caused by dead wood, broken branches, and wounds caused by branches that are rubbing together. By maintaining the plant through cutting back tips, branches, limbs, and stems, all sorts of plant diseases can be avoided. This also encourages youthful growth, as new branches and leaves stem from the plant that produces abundant flowers and fruits as well. The key to effective maintenance pruning, then, is to study one’s plants and its required conditions for better growth.

To carry out maintenance pruning, plants and trees should be regularly inspected for dead branches, broken branches, and branches that are rubbing together. Wounds from such branches expose irregular surfaces (hence more surface area) that take longer to heal than clean cuts, leaving prime entry points for pests and disease. Any sign of such anomalous growth should be removed through pruning immediately.

For shrubs, the same principles apply. Apart from cutting off dead or diseased section using bypass loppers, care should be taken to remove old flowers and leaves as well, as they hinder the growth of new flowers and leaves. If the goal is to keep the flowers blooming until autumn, they should be cut off till only a lower bud growing from the leaf axil remains.

With the kind of benefits that maintenance pruning can provide to both plants as well as trees, it ought to be a part of every practitioner’s gardening schedule. To learn more about gardening, visit Green Heart Lifestyle’s official website or check out their official Amazon storefront.

Contact Info:
Name: Aad Hermann
Email: info@green-heart.com
Phone: 813-278-1047
Organization: Green Heart

Release ID: 492596

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