Urgent Printing Announces Online Ordering Of Mounted Printed Posters

Urgent Printing now offers online ordering for their mounted printed posters products. The company has moved its operations from 92 to 88 Southwark Bridge Road.

London, UK - February 12, 2019 / / —

Urgent Printing and Mark Withers are pleased to announce that they have moved to a new building. The business address is now at 88 Southwark Bridge Road. The company has also added the ability to order mounted printed posters online. The firm has been offering poster printing with fast turnaround service with positive response from their customers. Custom posters serve a number of purposes for companies and organizations of all types. The rapid turnaround time makes these products even more beneficial.

Custom printed posters are perfect for marketing the business or organization. Showing off an upcoming event or advertising a symposium tends to bring in even more attendees. From an artistic sense, a beautiful wall hanging can be made from a poster which is mounted in an aesthetically appealing way. A custom printed poster is helpful to inform clients about a business, its products or events. New customers can be drawn to personalised posters. These posters are affordable for every budget level.

Mark Withers explained to an interviewer recently, “Why not use a small poster to display your opening hours. A larger poster will cover a wall, or stand-out in your shop-window. However you use them, large format posters are an eye-catching way to promote your company. They can be used as advertising, or as a way to update your décor in an easy and affordable way. Nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment venues will find custom posters to be the easiest, quickest way to advertise their events. However you hang them, posters are a stunning way to capture attention.”

“Every type of business or organization” he continued, “will be able to utilize large eye-catching posters ideal for promoting events. They are also ideal for presenting products and services. Promotional posters are well suited for a range of businesses, including gyms, hair salons, spas, estate agents, grocery stores, photographers, artists and graphic designers.”

More details can be seen at https://www.urgentprinting.co.uk/.

Contact Info:
Name: Mark Withers
Organization: Urgent Printing
Address: 88 Southwark Bridge Road, Southwark, London SE1 0EX UK
Phone: 0207 8673788
Website: https://www.urgentprinting.co.uk/

Source URL: https://marketersmedia.com/urgent-printing-announces-online-ordering-of-mounted-printed-posters/481601


Release ID: 481601

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