Ergonomic Work Chair With Sit-In-Motion Technology for Spine Health Launched

Aug 7, 2020

The new Backstrong ergonomic office chair has been launched by all33. It was built to reduce the occurrence of back pains while contributing to overall spinal health.

Beverly Hills, United States - August 7, 2020 /PressCable/ —

A Beverly Hills-based company, all33, has launched the new Backstrong Chair. The office-friendly chair is considered a sound investment in one’s health and a source of comfort at work.

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The new ergonomic office chair comes with the Sit-In-Motion technology which is a patented, one-of-a-kind, seat design. It was also built in such a way that it is adjustable but simple while being sustainable.

It is common knowledge that back pain is one of the most common workplace health complaints today. The reasons for this vary, from sitting at an office desk for hours on end to the way in which one sits. The latter is referred to as static posture and is the number one cause of musculoskeletal disorders.

Static posture symptoms are often accompanied by other complaints. These include headaches and migraines, excessive muscle tension in the neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and forearms, back, abdomen, hips, and thighs and legs, and joint dysfunction and sprains in one’s neck, back, and ribs.

With the above in mind, chair designer and chiropractor Dr. Dennis Colonello fashioned the ergonomic chair. He designed it in a way that it enables those seated in it to be still and maintain perfect posture as it moves and aligns all 33 Vertebrae of their spine.

The new chair comes in both soft high-grade vegan leather and fabric, making for a personalized experience. Aside from its features the chair also has a lot of benefits.

Called the Backstrong C1, it is the only chair in the world that allows natural movement of the pelvis and back stimulating circulation, improving flexibility, and encouraging an increase of oxygenation and respiration. Additionally, the foldaway arms allow those seated to move much closer to their desk and help them to work with much less strain on their eyes.

The ergonomic chair is also designed to support ideal posture and increased flexibility, engage one’s core, and increase circulation. It also supports the lower spine and forces good posture.

Interested parties can click on the link above to find out more.

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