Liu Wenxi’s Calligraphy

Sep 15, 2020

Liu Wenxi (October 17, 1933-July 7, 2019), born in Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, is a leading figure painter in China, one of the representative painters of "Zhejiang School of Figure Painting", the founder of Loess Painting School, the author of the fifth set of RMB portrait of Mao Zedong, an expert with outstanding contributions in China, and enjoys special government allowance. He used to be president of the Loess Painting School Art Research Institute, honorary chairman of Shaanxi Artists Association, honorary president, professor and doctoral tutor of Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts. His main works include Chairman Mao and the Shepherd, Northern Shaanxi People, and the huge series of long volumes Loess People. 

Over the past decades, he has published more than 1,000 works, published ten Yu Ben of personal works, and won seven national awards. The National Art Museum of China has a collection of twenty-five works, such as Four Generations of Grandparents, Words of Confidence, and Everyday Life around Chairman Mao. With constant hard work, Comrade Li Ruihuan encouraged him to say: "In your art career of more than 30 years, you hope to continue to follow the art path you have chosen and create more good works for the people." He founded the "Loess Painting School" in Chinese painting circles with a large number of moving works, original appearance and elegant demeanor, and a powerful painter with Xi 'an Academy of Fine Arts as the main body. Over the past few years, he has published thousands of works at home and abroad, published more than ten albums, collected 25 works at the National Art Museum of China, and won 9 national prizes. Teaching work, social activities, in-depth life and creative practice constitute the intense rhythm of Liu Wenxi's whole life.


Liu Wenxi's artistic aim is: "to be familiar with people, to be strict in modeling, to speak pen and ink, and to strive for creation". He hopes that painters can improve their creation and produce excellent works to inspire people. Liu Wenxi is a pioneer in contemporary Chinese painting circles. His paintings represent the development direction of realistic style of Chinese painting. His artistic spirit is the spirit of Chinese nation's self-improvement. He is a bright pearl in the history of modern Chinese art.

As we all know, Mr. Liu Wenxi is the master of contemporary painters, but his calligraphy is also outstanding. Moreover, Liu Wenxi's calligraphy works are only given to relatives and friends, and the market is very rare. Whenever Liu Wenxi's calligraphy works appear, the art market is undercurrent and competing for purchase. This calligraphy is 138CM long and 68CM wide. It is a rare large-size calligraphy work. There are 14 words in the book: Yi Lin's wonderful poems and paintings, and Huang Yueqi's view of turquoise clouds. The font is thick and round, the stippling is thick, the pen is round, the body is wide and wide, and it is laissez-faire, relaxed and ethereal, and full of love. As a whole, the firm, firm and vigorous thread is retained, while the knot becomes rigorous and dignified and loose and polymorphic, and the composition changes with the trend. It is a rare masterpiece of calligraphy. Besides, Mr. Liu Wenxi died unfortunately in September last year, and calligraphy and painting can no longer be produced. There must be huge room for appreciation in the later period.


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